There is a reason for everything! Is that not what I have been told for the twenty-two years and some odd months, weeks, days and seconds that I have been living up to this very moment!?

Alas, it has been and now forevermore do I feel as though that proverb holds steadfast in my life. At the time of this post I am currently a Pennsylvania State University senior that is trying to finish up ten credits that were deferred from last semester on the account of me being diagnosed with depression. I was diagnosed with depression sometime during the second week of December, 2012. It was not a easy time in my life and I am still not removed from this ‘low,’ either.

I’ve been spending days and weeks working laboriously on the assignments that I should’ve completed while I was in school, and alongside of the schoolwork I’ve been transfigured back into a hawk, watching my every move and listening to my bodies every sound for the sake of my health. Without my health, physically, emotionally and mentally I would not be able to continue in this world at all. The counselors that I have been seeing, and all of my nurse practitioners, doctors, friends and family that know the details of what I’ve been going through over this month can testify it’s been a true process for me to take this diagnosis in stride.

I’ve never been one to openly speak to someone else about what is going on in my life, and how I feel about it, or how it has made me feel, etc. I’ve never really been open to the ideas of counselors and to this day I will tell any counselor I do decide to talk to that ‘I don’t like talking to them.’ It has been a moderate help.

Either way, that’s neither here nor there… just some small background story to where the point of this post is trying to be made.

So — being a PSU Senior currently trying to finish the work for these deferred grades and get the last credits I need to walk the stage and acquire my Bachelors degree — I travel back and forth between the campus that I attended and my home where my mother lives. I’ve only been making these trips to continue to show my face to my professors and let them know that I am making progress on the works and towards meeting the conditions of the Deferred Grade agreement. And it just so happens that this week, my third (unnecessary) visit back to my campus of attendance I stumble upon a video that may change my life forever.

I showed up at one of my friends apartments where I always go when I come back to visit and two of his roommates were home while him and the other roommate were on there way back from a road trip to New York. We sat there and caught up for about ten to fifteen minutes, me, of course, noticing that almost nothing in our lives has changed since the last visit, before one of the two roommates put on this youtube video he wanted to show us. It was a World Ventures presentation by a man named Matt Morris. This was the second of two videos that was shown to us and the one that stood out by far. It can be found here:

This instantaneously caught my interest. It’s like the most exclusive thing, in just the exact endeavor I’ve always dreamed about getting into! Ever since I watched that video on this past Wednesday, January 23rd of 2013 the reconfiguration of my goals, dreams and ambitions towards travel have been born.

I created this blog purely for this purpose. Of utilizing it to network and track my progress through this business endeavor and life changing experience I feel I’m about to partake in with World Ventures. I’ve already spoken to a few of my friends about it and have added them to a list of interested contacts.

I’ve still been doing my own research on the company as of right now but I still have not found out how to get into the business side of this yet. Not even from all the details and information I’ve found on the World Ventures website. So my strategy from this point on is as follows:

  1. Find a Point of Contact: I will be sending out a few e-mails today to men and women who have presentations up on youtube and have made themselves available. Alongside of the e-mails that will be sent to whatever addresses I can find and that look suitable I will be making a list of names and numbers to call tomorrow. The first place I’m going to call is World Ventures directly. I don’t think there will be any better source than one of World Ventures call centers to get the step by step guide on how to become my own Independent Representative.
  2. Appropriate: I believe that I have the finances right now to become an Independent Representative as soon as I find out how; however, I don’t want to be too quick to give up $366 and not have a short term plan laid out for how I will make that money back by the end of the month (or thirty-day period) from my start date. I need to appropriate three things: [1] Finances [2] Initial Game plan [3] Interested Contacts

Well… I’ve written enough so far.  I’m going to now go finish up some school work and during my breaks I’m going to attempt to make as much progress as I can until I can start making calls Monday morning.

I believe I’m a Vagabond who owns the world and have just as much right to it, and the wealth that can be obtained from Mother Earth as the next woman and man; do you?


One thought on “Birth

  1. Hello all who have liked this post! I am very thankful for your time reading my thoughts and following my journey through this life changing experience. I hope that we can strike up a line of communication and if you’re interested in the travel club that I’ve been talking up here definitely reach me via e-mail at and I’ll be sure to extend the life changing invitation to you as well!

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